A Day in the Life of a Harley’s HVAC Technician: Keeping Lincoln Cool

Rise and Shine

My day as a Harley’s Heating & Air technician starts early. I’m up at 6 AM, grabbing a quick breakfast and my trusty toolbox before heading out to our first appointment in Lincoln, NE.

Morning Calls

8:00 AM: Our first stop is a residential AC repair. The homeowner reported their unit isn’t cooling properly. After a thorough inspection, I discover a refrigerant leak. I explain the situation to the client and get to work fixing the issue.

10:30 AM: Next up is a routine air conditioner service for a local business. Regular maintenance is key to preventing breakdowns, especially during Nebraska’s hot summers.

Lunch Break

12:00 PM: I grab a quick lunch and check my schedule for the afternoon. Two more AC service calls and an emergency repair are on the docket.

Afternoon Adventures

1:30 PM: I arrive at a home for an air conditioner repair. The unit is making strange noises, which turns out to be a failing fan motor. I replace it efficiently, much to the relief of the homeowner.

3:00 PM: Another routine AC service call. This time, it’s for an elderly couple who are always grateful for our work in keeping their home comfortable.

Emergency Call

5:00 PM: Just as I’m wrapping up, we get an emergency call. A restaurant’s AC has completely shut down during the dinner rush. I head over immediately to diagnose and fix the problem, ensuring the customers can enjoy their meals in comfort.

End of Day

7:30 PM: After a successful repair at the restaurant, I head back to Harley’s Heating and Air Conditioning to complete my paperwork and prepare for tomorrow’s schedule.

As I drive home, I reflect on another satisfying day of helping Lincoln residents stay cool and comfortable. It’s challenging work, but the gratitude from our clients makes it all worthwhile.