Embrace the Future: The Latest Trends from Pool Mart

Innovation and trend-setting are at the heart of the modern pool and spa industry. As a front-runner in this arena, Pool Mart is consistently bringing forward new trends. The most recent additions to their portfolio are designed to transform not just your pool, but your entire outdoor living experience.

Energy-efficient Pool Equipment

With a heavy focus on sustainability and high efficiency, Pool Mart now offers a range of energy-saving pool equipment. Heat pumps, LED lighting and variable speed pumps are all designed to reduce energy usage and costs without compromising on performance. Pool owners can now enjoy a luxurious swimming environment while also having a minimal impact on the environment. For further understanding on how to utilize this new pool equipment, we recommend reading this guide on energy efficient pool equipment.

Smart Pool Technology

Harnessing the power of the latest technology, Pool Mart is bringing smart pools to the mainstream. A smart pool allows complete control over all pool functions from anywhere with an internet connection. With the user-friendly app, pool owners can control heating, lighting and even chemical balance. This brings the convenience of automation directly to your hands.

Contemporary Pool Design Elements

In terms of aesthetics, Pool Mart is staying ahead of the curve with contemporary architectural elements. Infinity pools, linear shapes, and the integration of natural materials are currently surging in popularity. Pool Mart can help you bring these contemporary designs into your own backyard, with their expert design team at the ready.

Whether you’re looking for eco-friendly options, smart technology or modern design, Pool Mart is your partner in creating the perfect outdoor oasis.