The Magic of Magtek Deals with your Sulky HVAC!

When your house feels like the Sahara desert in the Summer and Antarctica in the winter, it’s time to hire some wizards. No, not the ones with magic wands and cauldrons! But Magtek Mechanical, the wizards of Heating and A/C services located in New Lenox, IL.

A Spell to Vanquish the Heat

As masters of cool spells and chilling enchantments, the professionals of Magtek can cast out the dreaded heat wave with such precision, you’ll swear you have a personal ice wizard! The heat cannot withstand the power of top-notch Air Conditioning services we offer!

A Charm to Fight the Freeze

Well, while our frost charms are busy making you cooler than a snowman’s toenails in the summer, don’t worry! We’ve got something up our sleeves for the winters too – an inferno enchantment, aka, world-class heating services! Our heating wizards wave their magic wrenches and ‘WHAM!’ – the chill packs its bags and exits.

Remember, heating and A/C services are no wizard duel; don’t try do-it-yourself solutions. Step back and let the professionals at Magtek Mechanical do the magic! You’ll feel the difference in your comfort and on your energy bills – like a charm!