Spice Up Your Life with Linked Equipment Solutions!

Are you eager to shake things up? Level up the new normal by switching your kitchens and restrooms mobile with Linked Equipment. We have found ingenious ways to make your life more efficient, and might we dare say… a little spicier?

Contemporary Cooking Expeditions

Step into the world of innovation with our unique Shipping Container Kitchens. Imagine whipping up your favorite mac’n’cheese in a fancy, fully functional mobile kitchen. Picture yourself tossing a pancake in the air under a canopy of the stars. The possibilities are limitless!

Restroom Revolution

Bathroom breaks during a road trip will never be the same! With our Mobile Restroom Solutions, you’ll be granted the freedom to take your throne wherever you go. We’re revolutionizing how you ‘go’ during your outdoors adventures.

At Linked Equipment, we cook up dreams and flush away limitations. With our innovative Container Kitchens and Mobile Restroom Solutions, you are sure to never miss the comforts of home again – wherever you might be! Ready to shake things up? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s elevate your outdoor living experiences together.