Debunking Common Myths about Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

Purchasing, installing, and maintaining air conditioning and heating systems can seem complex – especially when there are so many myths surrounding these processes. Today, we’re here to debunk some popular myths and guide you towards enhanced comfort and optimized efficiency using our expertise in AC services within areas such as Glendale, Sun City, Deer Valley, Arrowhead Ranch, and Desert Ridge, AZ.

Myth #1: Bigger AC Units Work Better

Contrary to popular belief, bigger doesn’t always mean better when it comes to air conditioning installations. Your AC unit needs to be sized correctly based on your property’s size and layout. A unit that’s too big can cause short cycling, whereas a smaller unit might struggle to keep up with the cooling demand.

Myth #2: AC Units Only Cool the Air

Another myth we often come across is that air conditioning units only cool the air. They also dehumidify your home, which often is just as crucial as cooling. Moreover, getting a regular AC maintenance service ensures your unit runs efficiently, providing both cooling and humidity control.

Myth #3: Closing Vents in Unused Rooms Saves Energy

Many people believe that shutting air vents in unused rooms can save energy. In truth, it might increase energy consumption, as your HVAC system performs best when air can freely flow from room to room. Professional advice from companies specializing in air conditioning repair like ours in Deer Valley, AZ and Arrowhead Ranch, AZ, can help you optimize energy use.

Myth #4: Leaving the AC Always On is More Efficient

While continually leaving your AC on ensures a cool home when you return, it may result in excessive energy consumption. Instead, programming your thermostat or upgrading to a smart thermostat can optimize home comfort and energy use.

Myth #5: AC Installation is DIY-able

Lastly, AC installation isn’t a DIY project. Professional installation, like our services in Peoria, AZ, ensures your unit is installed correctly, works efficiently, and meets all safety regulations.

At Clear Air Conditioning & Heating, we provide comprehensive services from AC installation and repair to replacement and maintenance. We’re here to debunk all misconceptions and provide you with top-quality AC and heating solutions.