Essential DIY Tips for AC Maintenance and Repairs

Are you based in Samantha, Northport, Tuscaloosa, or Cottondale, AL, and have been facing troubles with your air conditioning (AC) unit? Here, we discuss a few handy hints and DIY tips for AC Replacement and AC Installation , which you can try before calling for a 24-hour AC repair service.

1. **AC Replacement:** Replacing an AC is generally a task for the professionals, but you can contribute by buying the right size and energy-efficient AC for your home or office. Research well before purchasing and think sustainability.

2. **AC Installation:** While installation is also typically done by professionals, knowing the basics is crucial. Make sure your new AC is placed correctly – not directly facing sunlight or in an overly crowded space. This can affect its functioning and lifespan.

3. **Regular Maintenance:** Regular cleaning and maintenance are key to avoiding emergency repairs. Clean the filter every month, especially during summers when the AC is constantly running. A dirty filter restricts airflow causing the system to freeze, leading to unnecessary replacement costs.

4. **24 Hour AC Repair:** It’s always handy to have a trusted 24 hour AC repair service on speed dial. However, before dialling them, reset the circuit breaker and check to see if your AC starts functioning. Sometimes the problem could be as simple as a flipped breaker.

5. **General AC Repairs:** Familiarize yourself with the different parts of your AC like the compressor, evaporator, and fan. Troubles often arise when dust and debris clog the compressor or when the fan blade bends and makes noise. Check these regularly for any issues.

6. **AC Services:** Signing up for a good AC service package can save you a lot of potential headaches and money. Most of the reputable services offer annual or semi-annual check-ups which include cleaning and checking for any malfunction in the early stages.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can ensure a healthy and efficient AC system running for a longer period. But remember, more than minor issues should always be attended by professional AC Services to maintain safety standards. For the residents of Samantha, Northport, Tuscaloosa & Cottondale, AL, go for the highly recommended professionals at Turner and Schoel for all your AC needs. Run by experts, their AC service encompasses everything from effective AC installation to 24-hour AC repair services.

Remember, a well-maintained AC unit not only guarantees cool and comfortable summers, but it also contributes to overall energy efficiency, leading to reduced utility bills. By taking charge of basic AC maintenance, and with a little help from professionals, you can ensure a smoothly functioning AC unit.